CHN Data and Statistics

April 2020 Update:

CHN opened it’s doors in June 2016 and has since taken in almost 1700 dogs. 1700!!!!  We opened our facility in 2018 and grew our foster network exponentially.  The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we work at CHN.  During the pandemic, we moved 100% of our dogs into foster homes and have changed the way we transport dogs into our organization.  But that hasn’t slowed us down.  We’ve transported in just over 200 dogs in 2020, a significant feat considering the safety measures that must now be in place.


 Adoptions in 2019: 100% Save Rate

CHN adopted 681 animals in 2019, with a 100% save rate. Our adoption rate is consistently at 99% or higher due to our amazing foster, training, and adoption community.  80% of CHN dogs are transferred in from other welfare agencies in Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana.  These dogs were given a “second chance” at finding a home through CHN when time and resources had run out at their original shelters.

The save rate, calculated according to the nationally recognized Asilomar Standard, reflects the many options for pets that come to the shelter besides adoption, such as animal transfers and animals who are returned to their owner. CHN is confident in its adoption figures because our volunteers diligently review and audit our system documentation and processes.

Annual Data Reports:



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