Humane Education

Humane Education at Canine Humane Network is about changing the way humans and dogs interact and understand each other. Our mission is to enhance the lives of children, adults, and dogs through different types of learning and interactive programs and missions. We teach that all animals are sentient, feeling beings and that strengthening the human-animal bond has a positive significant impact for individuals and society.

It has been well established through years of research that animals have a profound impact on our lives. Studies have shown that children raised with and exposed to animals have a healthier and improved social, cognitive, emotional and physical development.

Also, equally well established are the incredible health benefits associated with animal companionship. Caretakers report that when pets visit nursing homes, residents are calmer, smile more and request less medications for anxiety and sleeping.

Our animals do so much for us, but often times, their natural behavior is confusing to us. Canine Humane Network strives to bridge the gap and teach animal lovers and those new to the world of companion animals what is going on in the eyes of their dogs. Understanding the subtle communications our pets send us is a key component to having a stronger bond with your dog, but also helps reduce common behavior problems.

We focus on giving dog owners tips on decoding their dog’s signals and helping children understand how to communicate with their pets.

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