Puppy Manners

For the health and safety of all participants, all training classes will be held outdoors and all participants are required to wear a face mask. Should federal, state, or county guidelines change and prohibit us from continuing in-person classes, we will complete the class online. Thank you for your understanding.

This 6-week course for puppies 3 – 6 months old will teach you how to develop a smooth and reliable working relationship with your puppy indoors as well as outdoors. Throughout this course we are going to teach the following:


  • Basic Training Principals (how to become a great handler),
  • Body Positions (Sit, Down, Stand),
  • Come to Me,
  • Settle Down
  • Take-, Drop and Leave It,
  • Follow Me,
  • Walk with Me (Loose Leash Walking),
  • How to teach Tug-of-War,
  • How to teach fetch.

In addition to the exercises, the curriculum also includes in-home canine enrichment ideas, games and techniques to increase your puppy’s confidence, in preparation for returning to normal life following COVID-19 restrictions. Upon completion, your dog will be eligible to move on to Advanced Manners.

Trainer: Beatrix Beri


3-6 months



Start Date:

June 22
June 24


Day & Time

Monday 5:30 pm
Wednesday 5:30 pm